VisionHow to Accomplish
To develop new knowledge and understanding• Research on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Sectoral and Regional Contexts
• Collaboration with social stakeholders, research institutions, and universities in Greece and abroad
• Promote interdisciplinarity and advance methodologies

To make an impact on society and economy• Produce impacting research that informs policies and helps solve problems addressing social and economic issues
• Work closely with social stakeholders, business associations and chambers, government departments and local governments
• Offer continuing education and training to business and public sector executives

To become a hub for research, education, and training• Support education needs at both undergraduate and postgraduate study levels
• Organise public lectures, workshops and conferences
• Participate in research projects in regional, national and international collaborations
• Develop teaching and research programmes for postgraduate students
• Support research at the doctoral level
• Engage students in the lab’s research
• Develop and maintain high quality research infrastructure